New NY Divorce Form UCS-111(A) Required in Certain NY Counties

by Attorney David Centeno on May 3, 2011

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NEW YORK, May 3, 2011 (NYDN) – As of April 1, 2011, the NY Supreme Court in certain jurisdictions (including New York County) is requiring a new divorce form entitled USC 111A in order to issue a Judgment of Divorce.  This Notice is being issued at the New York County Clerk’s Office explaining the new mandated change.

That new form UCS-111A (source replaces the UCS-111 in select counties (Albany, Bronx, Erie, Jefferson, Kings, Nassau, New York, Onondaga, and Westchester Counties).  UCS-111 will continue to be used in all other counties.  Please note that only original UCS-111A forms can be used.  Each form has an individual serial number and will be rejected if it is a duplicate.

The form itself states that it is required for each final order granted pursuant to support, paternity and in matrimonial actions under D.R.L. §§236B (property, support and special relief), 240 (custody and child support) and 246 (inability to comply with financial orders).

The Unified Court System is required by law to collect various data concerning divorce proceedings. The new UCS-111A form states that it is based upon Judiciary Law §216 which provides:

The chief administrator of the courts shall collect data in relation to the number of cases in which the basic child support obligation, as defined in section two hundred forty of the domestic relations law and section four hundred thirteen of the family court act, was ordered; the number of cases in which the order deviated from such basic child support obligation and the reasons therefor; the incomes of the parties; the number of children, and the amount of child support awarded pursuant to the child support standards act; and amounts of alimony or maintenance, or allocations of property included in orders or judgments that include a provision for child support pursuant to the child support standards act . . .

The form states that the information it is collecting will remain confidential and will be reported in aggregate to study New York State’s maintenance laws. The new form asks for far more information that it’s predecessor, yet it’s information that parties to a divorce should know before entering into a marital settlement agreement.  UCS-111A asks for the occupation, annual income and health status of both spouses, the value of property divided and not divided, the amount of financial obligations outside of the divorce awards, the financial details and disposition of the marital home, and information concerning the division of professional degrees and licenses.  Information regarding awards or settlements of maintenance and child support are also required in detail.

The form is styled as a SAT or public school exam answer sheet, with bubbles that need to be filled in with Number 2 pencil or blue or black ink that will not leak through the page.

In New York County, the forms are available to be picked up at the Matrimonial Support Office, 60 Centre Street, Room 311, New York, NY 10013.

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